Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making of My Father Socks
 My Father turned 80, last September (2001), we had quite a Birthday Bash for him. So, as part of his Birthday, I decided to make him a pair of socks out of Lion Brand Recycled Yarn. I did not finished them until April. And to honor Him on this Father's Day, I thought I will finally write a post on making of these socks.

Since this is Father's Day (June 17, 2012)  I will tell you one of the good things that my father did for us three kids. My Sister Connie was the oldest, then my brother Dan came 2 years after her and I came 2 years after him. Until I was about 8 or 9 I was known as Lynnie. My father use to tell us stories when we were very young of the adventures of Connie, Danny and Lynnie.

Best Father and Daughter times for me was when we were working on something together. It could be doing something like putting a wood floor on his old VW Beetle. However; I think the most important times was in making sure that I learn my telephone number and the Basic Math Skills.

I was lucky to grow-up when Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders were around. My father set-up his Reel-to-Reel with a on going loop. He had me record our telephone number on to that loop and that is how I memorized it.  I believe I also learned the times table using that same method. Later on he taught me how to use a Sliding Ruler. Having the basic math skills down, helped me to score very high on my GED Math Test… even thou I did not have some of the higher Math Classes.

When I had a decision to make between Woodworking and Printing programs at Madison Area Technical College, he influence my decision in taking Printing, since I already had some skills on woodworking. I have never regretted that decision. Since that is where I met my Husband and partner in business,

This is before the first frogging (ripping out). Cuffs, Legs, Heel done. Gusset done on the sock at the right. Sock on the left needed to be frogged to the heel.

I found eventually I had to frog both socks and to use the Bobby pins to keep count of the stitches.
 After frogging, ready to get the gusset correctly done.

Making progress after the second frogging. The sock on the right is in the midst of the heel. One thing about crocheting is that you can keep going back to starting over until you get it right. Good lesson in learning patience without frustration.

Both socks now have the gussets done. Whew!



Ready to start on the toes.

Just 1 more row to go on each.

This pattern was done out of Crochet!   January 2011 Issue. "Just Hangin' Out Socks", Designed by Janet Rehfeldt.

This was my second pair of socks done in this pattern. The other pair was done in some Bamboo Yarn and it came out way to stretchy.  This pair came out loose.

1st Pair Done in Bamboo.
To my Papa… Happy Father's Day 2012!