Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making of My Father Socks
 My Father turned 80, last September (2001), we had quite a Birthday Bash for him. So, as part of his Birthday, I decided to make him a pair of socks out of Lion Brand Recycled Yarn. I did not finished them until April. And to honor Him on this Father's Day, I thought I will finally write a post on making of these socks.

Since this is Father's Day (June 17, 2012)  I will tell you one of the good things that my father did for us three kids. My Sister Connie was the oldest, then my brother Dan came 2 years after her and I came 2 years after him. Until I was about 8 or 9 I was known as Lynnie. My father use to tell us stories when we were very young of the adventures of Connie, Danny and Lynnie.

Best Father and Daughter times for me was when we were working on something together. It could be doing something like putting a wood floor on his old VW Beetle. However; I think the most important times was in making sure that I learn my telephone number and the Basic Math Skills.

I was lucky to grow-up when Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders were around. My father set-up his Reel-to-Reel with a on going loop. He had me record our telephone number on to that loop and that is how I memorized it.  I believe I also learned the times table using that same method. Later on he taught me how to use a Sliding Ruler. Having the basic math skills down, helped me to score very high on my GED Math Test… even thou I did not have some of the higher Math Classes.

When I had a decision to make between Woodworking and Printing programs at Madison Area Technical College, he influence my decision in taking Printing, since I already had some skills on woodworking. I have never regretted that decision. Since that is where I met my Husband and partner in business,

This is before the first frogging (ripping out). Cuffs, Legs, Heel done. Gusset done on the sock at the right. Sock on the left needed to be frogged to the heel.

I found eventually I had to frog both socks and to use the Bobby pins to keep count of the stitches.
 After frogging, ready to get the gusset correctly done.

Making progress after the second frogging. The sock on the right is in the midst of the heel. One thing about crocheting is that you can keep going back to starting over until you get it right. Good lesson in learning patience without frustration.

Both socks now have the gussets done. Whew!



Ready to start on the toes.

Just 1 more row to go on each.

This pattern was done out of Crochet!   January 2011 Issue. "Just Hangin' Out Socks", Designed by Janet Rehfeldt.

This was my second pair of socks done in this pattern. The other pair was done in some Bamboo Yarn and it came out way to stretchy.  This pair came out loose.

1st Pair Done in Bamboo.
To my Papa… Happy Father's Day 2012!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cropped Bomber Jacket - V

Finished Sweater
This is the same pattern that is mention in the previous blog, Cropped Bomber Jackets. The original pattern was on the front cover of Crochet, September 2002 Issue. The Designer is Darla Sims. My main variation of Ms. Sims design was to add stripes into the pattern, instead of being a solid color (white).

On number 3 & 4, I added the variation of having a single crochet border edging to the body before putting on the ribbing, which made a border on between the pattern of the body and the ribbing.

On this version I did another variation. Which I will go into later on.
The yarns I used on this sweater is Bernat Satin. The below picture shows the colors in detail. From the bottom to the top: Soft Fern, Fern, Forest Heather and Lavender.
Front & Sleeves
Almost Finished Back
Body Finished
The picture on the upper right shows the new variation of 1/2 Double Crochet Row for trimming. I also added 1/2 Double Crochet Row to the bottom of the sleeves before putting on ribbing.
Waist Ribbing Done now working on the Right Font Placket.
Body ready to put trim on and Sleeves with Partial Cuffs.'
Body with all the Ribbing Done,
Hook & Eye Closers  

I left long strands of yarn to make sure on both the arms and shoulders to make sure that I least have enough thread to sew around twice. 

I hope you enjoyed this posting.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Taxi Filet Crochet Drawstring Tote Bag

A Belated Wish, I wish you all a Pleasant and Prosperous 2012. This is my first finish crochet project of the year.

In this Post I am going to describe my progress of making this bag. Sometime, in the future I will do a post on how I got to making this type of bag.

However; I will tell you that I keep trying to improve on the design of my filet crochet bags. The changes in this bag from my other bags is I put D-Rings and Hooks, Made a Longer Drawstring so to make it more of a knapsack then the other bags. I also change the stitch I use on the drawstring.

From the May 2007 issue of Games Magazine I took the picture of the Taxi from Paint By Numbers section and turned it into a pattern for filet crochet bag. Plus I add 2 Blocks per Row and Column to make 1 solid Block Border and 1 Open Space Block Border round the picture.Making the following…
Open Block is DC (double crochet American) Ch (Chain) DC 
25 Blocks + 4 Blocks = 29 Blocks per Horizontal Row
35 Blocks + 4 Blocks = 39 Blocks per Vertical Column

So the foundation row is (29 x 2) + 1 = 59 chain stitchs

 The First Side is done on a Horizontal Bias.

  Before Starting the Second Side I Do a row of Single Crochet with Long Single Crochet on the Edge of the first side to prevent large spaces on the edges.
Preparing for the Second Side
Doing the Long Single Crochet
single crochet

2nd Side Done - Which is done on a Veritcal Bias  

Then I single/long single crochet a round the bottom edges of the 2 sides, before beginning the bottom of bag, which is done in single crochet rows.

After, doing the bottom I crochet the edge of the bottom and the other side edge of the first side. The third side is done on a vertical bias.

As with the other finished sides I crochet the edging of the third side.

The last side is done on a horizontal bias. At the end and beginning of each row I connected the other sides. Also at the beginning of the last side I crocheted the 2 D-rings in place.

After all the sides are done I make a graph a design to put on the top of the bag. This top is done in the round.  The last Row is not done in Solid Blocks it is actually done With Open Block and Solid Block, repeating. Also, instead of Double Crochet, I do Triple Crochet. This makes it so I can put through the drawstring. I also this time I single crochet the top before making the draw string.

This time I made the drawstring using the Afghan Stitch instead of single crochet rows. As I said in beginning of this post I made this drawstring extra long.

Showing the Drawstrings With Hooks.


I placed the Hooks on the Drawstring so that they would match up to the D-Rings on the bottom.
Tools I used to light up the inside of the bag for the first picture.
This bag was began with Black and White Double Strand Thread. Which is no longer being made. So I used Black and White #10 thread to finish up.

One Tip I learned using #10 thread in a cone I learned on this project is to turn the cone on its flat side and put it in an empty coffee can. This helps to avoid tangling of the yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this posting. If you would like to leave a comment, please make sure that you are linked into one of the various links to make comments with.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crochet Bedspread - Picture of a Block and Stack House

Today date is December 3rd. Which happens to be my Mother's Birthday. To honor her Birthday, I thought I would Blog about her Favorite Item that I made for her.

This is a picture of so far the only entry I ever made in a County Fair. As you can see I won a Blue Ribbon for it.

The Judges comments on the Tag beside it says. "Excellent work- many hours — Creative/& unique heavy.

The  Bedspread is a picture of a "Block and Stack" Stone Masonry House. This style of Masonry is found mainly in Sauk and Dane Counties in Wisconsin. Mother fill in love with these houses, when as a child my Grandparents would go for picnics by the Wisconsin River. Later, my mother Jane Eiseley would formed the Registered Historical District Honey Creek  which encompasses most of these buildings. 

 This is the Picture of the House that is the model of the one on the bedspread. Which is on US Hwy 12, in Dane County, WI. This is also the picture on the cover of the Brochure that Thrifty Prints, Inc. did called "Guide To The German/Swiss Block-And-Stack Masonry of Roxbury, Sac Prairie & Honey Creek, Wisconsin"; which mother wrote. Picture was done by her friend Bob France of Sauk City, WI.

As a crocheter this project became to me the equivalent to a sampler in embroidery. I learned a lot of stitches and techniques, even thou I had been crocheting almost 30 years, when I did this in 1999.

I had given my mother the choice of yarn that this bedspread was made. She picked Cotton Thread like "Sugar and Cream". The Picture and the Block Motif Border was (Done to look like stone blocks) were done in Cream Color and the Edging was  done in Echu color.

Happy Birthday to you Mama and hope you have many more.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cropped Bomber Jacket Sweaters

My favorite sweater pattern is from a design by Darla Sims. My own variations of her pattern is that I have added the stripes. I have so far have made 4 of this pattern. First one was for my sister Connie, (who is modeling hers in the photo on my Etsy shop).

Second one was for my mother.
Both my Mother and Connie get compliments all the time on this classic sweater.
Number 3 & 4 were custom made for a customer for Christmas Presents.

Now, I am working on #5.

This is how far #5 is done  on 12/31/11.
This is front with Sleeves.

Only few more rows needed for the back.


Welcome to my Blog, showcasing the progress of my crochet works.

Cloakroom Creations is my Hobby "Egg Money" Business. With the economy as slow as it is for the Printing and Mail Order Industries right now. Which is where I make my "bread and butter" living. I decided that I needed to find a way to pay for my favorite hobby craft of crocheting. Since, I had some experience in business due to help running Thrifty Prints, Inc, I decided to sell my crocheting works,

I believe I started to crochet when I was about 10. It was a time in my life when arts and crafts were a very important part of my life. I was into macramé, sewing, knitting and crocheting. My favorite being crocheting.

When I was a teenager I even had the entrepreneurial spirit when I tried to sell handmade Puppet Washcloths at a Flea Market. For a while I wanted to be a toymaker.

When I could not find an internship for being a toymaker, I decided to go into the Printing Program at Madison Area Technical College. That is where I met my husband Ray.

When, neither of us could find jobs in the graphic arts field. Ray, who has an BA in Business and had experience in Mail Order decided with my help we could start our own Printing Business selling through the mails that was over 30 years ago. Thrifty Prints, Inc, is still in business.

So, here I am at 50+ starting my very own business adventure.

Thank you for taking the time to read my prattle.