Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crochet Bedspread - Picture of a Block and Stack House

Today date is December 3rd. Which happens to be my Mother's Birthday. To honor her Birthday, I thought I would Blog about her Favorite Item that I made for her.

This is a picture of so far the only entry I ever made in a County Fair. As you can see I won a Blue Ribbon for it.

The Judges comments on the Tag beside it says. "Excellent work- many hours — Creative/& unique heavy.

The  Bedspread is a picture of a "Block and Stack" Stone Masonry House. This style of Masonry is found mainly in Sauk and Dane Counties in Wisconsin. Mother fill in love with these houses, when as a child my Grandparents would go for picnics by the Wisconsin River. Later, my mother Jane Eiseley would formed the Registered Historical District Honey Creek  which encompasses most of these buildings. 

 This is the Picture of the House that is the model of the one on the bedspread. Which is on US Hwy 12, in Dane County, WI. This is also the picture on the cover of the Brochure that Thrifty Prints, Inc. did called "Guide To The German/Swiss Block-And-Stack Masonry of Roxbury, Sac Prairie & Honey Creek, Wisconsin"; which mother wrote. Picture was done by her friend Bob France of Sauk City, WI.

As a crocheter this project became to me the equivalent to a sampler in embroidery. I learned a lot of stitches and techniques, even thou I had been crocheting almost 30 years, when I did this in 1999.

I had given my mother the choice of yarn that this bedspread was made. She picked Cotton Thread like "Sugar and Cream". The Picture and the Block Motif Border was (Done to look like stone blocks) were done in Cream Color and the Edging was  done in Echu color.

Happy Birthday to you Mama and hope you have many more.