Friday, January 13, 2012

Taxi Filet Crochet Drawstring Tote Bag

A Belated Wish, I wish you all a Pleasant and Prosperous 2012. This is my first finish crochet project of the year.

In this Post I am going to describe my progress of making this bag. Sometime, in the future I will do a post on how I got to making this type of bag.

However; I will tell you that I keep trying to improve on the design of my filet crochet bags. The changes in this bag from my other bags is I put D-Rings and Hooks, Made a Longer Drawstring so to make it more of a knapsack then the other bags. I also change the stitch I use on the drawstring.

From the May 2007 issue of Games Magazine I took the picture of the Taxi from Paint By Numbers section and turned it into a pattern for filet crochet bag. Plus I add 2 Blocks per Row and Column to make 1 solid Block Border and 1 Open Space Block Border round the picture.Making the following…
Open Block is DC (double crochet American) Ch (Chain) DC 
25 Blocks + 4 Blocks = 29 Blocks per Horizontal Row
35 Blocks + 4 Blocks = 39 Blocks per Vertical Column

So the foundation row is (29 x 2) + 1 = 59 chain stitchs

 The First Side is done on a Horizontal Bias.

  Before Starting the Second Side I Do a row of Single Crochet with Long Single Crochet on the Edge of the first side to prevent large spaces on the edges.
Preparing for the Second Side
Doing the Long Single Crochet
single crochet

2nd Side Done - Which is done on a Veritcal Bias  

Then I single/long single crochet a round the bottom edges of the 2 sides, before beginning the bottom of bag, which is done in single crochet rows.

After, doing the bottom I crochet the edge of the bottom and the other side edge of the first side. The third side is done on a vertical bias.

As with the other finished sides I crochet the edging of the third side.

The last side is done on a horizontal bias. At the end and beginning of each row I connected the other sides. Also at the beginning of the last side I crocheted the 2 D-rings in place.

After all the sides are done I make a graph a design to put on the top of the bag. This top is done in the round.  The last Row is not done in Solid Blocks it is actually done With Open Block and Solid Block, repeating. Also, instead of Double Crochet, I do Triple Crochet. This makes it so I can put through the drawstring. I also this time I single crochet the top before making the draw string.

This time I made the drawstring using the Afghan Stitch instead of single crochet rows. As I said in beginning of this post I made this drawstring extra long.

Showing the Drawstrings With Hooks.


I placed the Hooks on the Drawstring so that they would match up to the D-Rings on the bottom.
Tools I used to light up the inside of the bag for the first picture.
This bag was began with Black and White Double Strand Thread. Which is no longer being made. So I used Black and White #10 thread to finish up.

One Tip I learned using #10 thread in a cone I learned on this project is to turn the cone on its flat side and put it in an empty coffee can. This helps to avoid tangling of the yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this posting. If you would like to leave a comment, please make sure that you are linked into one of the various links to make comments with.

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