Friday, January 27, 2012

Cropped Bomber Jacket - V

Finished Sweater
This is the same pattern that is mention in the previous blog, Cropped Bomber Jackets. The original pattern was on the front cover of Crochet, September 2002 Issue. The Designer is Darla Sims. My main variation of Ms. Sims design was to add stripes into the pattern, instead of being a solid color (white).

On number 3 & 4, I added the variation of having a single crochet border edging to the body before putting on the ribbing, which made a border on between the pattern of the body and the ribbing.

On this version I did another variation. Which I will go into later on.
The yarns I used on this sweater is Bernat Satin. The below picture shows the colors in detail. From the bottom to the top: Soft Fern, Fern, Forest Heather and Lavender.
Front & Sleeves
Almost Finished Back
Body Finished
The picture on the upper right shows the new variation of 1/2 Double Crochet Row for trimming. I also added 1/2 Double Crochet Row to the bottom of the sleeves before putting on ribbing.
Waist Ribbing Done now working on the Right Font Placket.
Body ready to put trim on and Sleeves with Partial Cuffs.'
Body with all the Ribbing Done,
Hook & Eye Closers  

I left long strands of yarn to make sure on both the arms and shoulders to make sure that I least have enough thread to sew around twice. 

I hope you enjoyed this posting.

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  1. I know it doesn't seem like it but I have been following your progress on this jacket over on Blazing Hooks. It is soo beautiful! I have yet to try clothes, you are great at it.